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​​May 29, 2014 ​The 
Holiday Weekend I thought it was a light earth quake but it was blonde pretending to be Anna Wintour. ​
​​​When asked about the number of hours she slept she said enough not to get bagsUNDER MY EYES AND TO CONTINUE TO BE A MODEL,  She manifesting with abnormality in thought process having grandiose delusions of being a model and being famous and going to tea parties NoHo 91601. She has been court ordered to continue "One on One" therapy to discuss the grandiose delusions of being model with a cosmetic line. The Psychologist said she's rather pleasant and ABOVE AVERAGE INTELLIGENT PERSON who's characterize as being NARCISSISTIC. Brittney Spears went through something similar before they left the room. Red Carpet at the movie premiere was sensational. Mink lashes and The Moment " I saw Mr. Handsome for the 100th time. I wish I would receive free text messages to know when he's around so I could change into my heels. Can I get  ex-girlfriend world peace. No more groupies! Holiday season is approaching and I've decided to keep the second and 5th helping glowing (skin glowing) with stuff salmon. Did I mention that she said my self love is to much? She said its in the thousands. My name is Yago Blu and I make people beautiful. How can I create the perfect face with my love pouring into my creation. Its my service to mankind. I'm beautiful so therefore I create hues for the purpose of  beauty

​​ Yesterday I did a interview with Grace Jones and she asked if we were related. I said I'm not sure but I would like to know when your available to take a blood test so I can start tweeting about my new family member. My favorite almost cousin was Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child but they called the wedding off. I suppose I could ask if she's willing to remarry. You never know when a former member of Destiny's Child would come in handy. 'm not sure if it was the normal size barbies or the my size barbie that lead me to being anti-no makeup. All I know is when I need a lipstick I need a lipstick and I need that lipstick now! If memory serves me it was third grade that my mom showed up unexpected because my teacher rattle to the principle that I was wearing my moms red lipstick in class . . .  'm not sure if it was the normal size barbies or the my size barbie that lead me to being anti-no makeup. 'm not sure if it was the normal size barbies or the my s.

Editing... New Collection available before the holiday