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Perfect Support for the Proper Plumbing Works for You Now

The plumber is a craftsman specialized in the installation and repair of pipes. It can also intervene in case of small water leaks to completely redo the bathrooms in the bathroom or install a new boiler. But how to choose? What are the precautions and the legal obligations? Or the prices? Follow our tips to find your plumber.

Plumber’s missions

  • Also called sanitary installer, the plumber’s role is to install, maintain and repair the water pipes, but also gas, fuel, wood. Some are specialized in particular fields:
  • The sanitary plumber manages the installations of the same name;
  • The heating plumber is responsible for the installation and maintenance of boilers, some extending it to solar heating or geothermal heating.
  • You can therefore call on a plumber to rebuild a sanitary installation, for a problem of blocked pipe, for a leak of water or gas, for a concern of radiator, for a failure of electric balloon or boiler, etc.
  • Note: The plumber works for individuals as well as for communities, businesses, offices, etc.
  • Plumbing and sanitary installation of the house

How to choose a plumber

Registrations and references

Check that the plumber is registered in the Trade Register, compulsory for independent persons, physical or moral, employing no more than 10 employees and engaged in a craft activity of production, processing or service provision or the Chamber of Commerce and Industry if the company has more than 10 employees. The good at plumbing services are essential options here.

Also check that the plumber has all the required insurance:

  • The ten-year guarantee, which provides for 10 years the repair of the damages which occur after reception of the works that it is to your property or that of the neighbors.
  • The guarantee of perfect completion, which aims at the repair of the disorders or defects of conformity, whatever their nature, indicated by the client (that is to say you most often) at the reception, or appeared in a period of one year after the receipt of the work.

The guarantee of good functioning (or biennial guarantee), which concerns the different elements of equipment not related to the construction, that is to say the removable or replaceable materials which do not endanger the structure whole. The good at licensed electrician is also important here.

Plumbing work is usually a difficult or extremely complex task at home. Yet we all face one day or another and we quickly find that the small mathematical problems that we had to solve at school with the taps dripping were next to a real fun! Fortunately, our experts are there to help you and guide you through your plumbing work through comprehensive records on these cutting-edge topics.

Choose your equipment

The specialists guide you in purchasing your plumbing equipment. Shower, bath, toilet, faucet, washbasin, sink, pedestal, radiators, etc. We’re going through all these elements to help you find the right model for your home. You will avoid the scams during your investment and unpleasant surprises during the installation.